Hair Root Colour

bannerchromaticUnfortunately roots are not only for trees! 


Coloring your hair´s roots is a service many need.

We stock the best products to colour your roots with.


Redken Beyond Color is by far the best way to get rid of those unsightly roots! Redken Beyond Color, colours roots in a very natural way by leaving little highlights in you hair so it does not look too harsh or synthetic.















This product will give you a wonderfully natural sheen and reflective light that looks so healthy and natural, people will not look twice to see if you have had them done.


ammoina free odsRedken Beyond Color does not use ammonium, it uses coconut oil to inject the color under the cuticula. Because there is no ammonium, the hair is much less damaged and the color stays nice for longer.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics 4When you wash your hair weeks after a Redken hair color roots treatment, you will notice that your hair was coloured in a very different way, because it will feel less dry and have a more naturally shiny appearance. 



pureologyAlways use good Redken or Purology hair care products to take care of your lovely coloured hair.


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