Hair Care




Your HAIR is really important.

It might look like you don’t ́t care, it might look immaculate but it ALWAYS matters.  Your HAIR tells everybody who you are, it  reflects your youth and health.


It is the only part of your body you can manipulate to accommodate in a moment.


We know how to take care of your hair and make things happened. Would you like to grow your hair? Use protein. Would you like your hair to look fuller? Use carbohydrates. Would you like more shine? Use Argan oil. 



We have REDKEN products, they come from from New York and they are by far, the most professional products on the market.  They will give you a lot of effect for your money and really make a huge difference.



pureology_logoIf you are allergic to sulfites or have keratin treatment in your hair, we have Purology products to match. They come from the same plant as Redken and all the range is made for coloured hair.


273914-dome_logoAnother way of growing your hair is DOME hair extensions. These little attachments are undetectably attached to your hair and do NOT damage. NOTE!  These are not your usual hair extensions, these are exclusively made for this kind of treatment and can  give you length, colour and/or volume. ! !


Did you know if you use these products, you can  safely wash your hair as often as you wish?  Supermarket products often have a high water content and are used up fast, also the can never give you as much effect as a high quality product.


Please let us share our information on how to take real care of your hair, this will make your life more enjoyable and maybe even a little bit easier.

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