Makeup Artist


Makeup is our Love Bug. We offer many different type of Makeup. 

 professional-makeover_2 frederick cleverly tamas szigeti

bridal-makeup-wedding-stylesIf you are planning on having your picture professionally taken while you are here or if you are going to an event,we will make sure that you are noticed and looking your best.


makeup-artistThese are the different types of makeup:


  • day makeup
  • evening makeup
  • event makeup
  • photo shoot makeup
  • makeup classes
  • carnival makeup
  • show makeup
  • drag makeup


Your fashion needs are what we live for, being a makeup artist, there is always a cool new challenge. With all the cool new shading techniques we see so much now oninstagram and pinterst, makeup artistry has a whole new dimension.4903_116816142384_672072384_2567800_7936931_n


The makeup artist will make or break your look whether for a party, presentation or costume. hair-and-makeup


Charisma – wiki says: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.


This is what your makeup artist does for you. He will help you show everybody who you are.





If you are getting married, your makeup artist is who will be putting YOU in the center of your wedding!



call 0034 609 938 267  to book a trial.