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Please feel free to come in for a chat, about your hair, you plans, your hopes and dreams: they will become our goals, as we start our relationship together. We love a challenge and we will guide you to the results you desire.

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Survey finds over half of women rate their stylist among the top ten most important people in their life.



Ladies hang on to hairdressers longer than husbands: an average woman keeps same stylist for more than 12 years, while marriage lasts 11


Husbands and houses may come and go, but it seems a good hairstylist is forever.

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The Enigmatic Mia Farrow with her hairdresser Vidal Sassoon


The average woman’s relationship with her hairdresser will last longer than her marriage, a survey found.

Most women, 53 percent, rated their hairdresser in the top ten most important people in their life. On average, women spent a year and ten months looking for the perfect trim.

One said: “I’ve known my hairdresser longer than my children and my husband, in fact I’d go as far as saying he has become part of my extended family. It takes absolutely ages to find the perfect stylist who cuts your hair just the way you like it, so when you do eventually find the right person, you don’t want to let them go”.