Frederick Cleverly

Hair Styling and Makeup Professionals

Frederick Cleverly

Hair Styling & Makeup Professionals


We do your hair colouring using mostly products by REDKEN Beyond Color and Shades EQ.

There is nothing that will make your hair as lovely as when it has that perfect cut and colour.


Woman's Hairdresser

Ladies hang on to hairdressers longer than husbands: an average woman keeps the same stylist for more than 12 years, while marriage lasts only 11.

Men's Hair Styling

Dapper to Rugged, we´ll find the right mens hairstyles for you. Whatever your needs are in a haircut, we are highly trained mens hairdressers, trained to get you the look you deserve.

Beauty Coaching

There are many facets to consider, who you are, what are your best features, what is your taste, what is becoming on you, what do you do and where would you like to go – this all comes together in beauty coaching.

On Locaciton Stylist

On location work is where we really shine. We just love it. So if you are looking to bring some positive energy to your stage, set, studio, or wherever, we are ready to provide it.

Makeup Artist

For a makeup artist, there is always a cool new challenge. With all the cool new shading techniques, we see so much now on Instagram and Pinterst, makeup artistry has a whole new dimension.

Hair Care

Would you like to grow your hair? Use protein. Would you like your hair to look fuller? Use carbohydrates. Would you like more shine? Use Argan oil. We know how to take care of your hair and make things happened!


Must-have hair care products.