Every person needs their own distinctive approach to create the desired look that offers long duration and magnificent hair.


ombre fantasy pink hair colour


Experience the Art of Balayage

Our technique involves hand-painting highlights for a natural, sun-kissed look that’s uniquely yours. Perfect for any hair length, balayage offers a seamless blend and a low-maintenance style that grows out beautifully. 

Illuminate Your Look with Highlights

Whether you prefer subtle, face-framing strands or bold, dramatic streaks, Frederick uses the finest techniques to enhance your natural beauty. Customised to suit your style, our highlights create a radiant, multi-dimensional effect that complements your complexion. 

Bold and Beautiful Ombre Hair Colour

This technique seamlessly blends darker roots into lighter ends, creating a stunning, head-turning look. Ideal for those seeking a bold change without constant upkeep, our ombre services are tailored to your desired shades and style. 

Enhance Your Glow with Baby Lights

These ultra-fine highlights mimic the natural, sun-kissed glow of childhood hair, adding subtle brightness and dimension. Perfect for those seeking a delicate, low-maintenance enhancement, baby lights blend seamlessly with your base colour, providing a soft and natural finish. 

Seamless Perfection with Root Smudge

This technique softens the transition between your natural roots and coloured hair, creating a blended, lived-in look. Ideal for extending the life of your colour and achieving a more natural appearance, root smudge is perfect for any hair type. 

Transform Your Look with Expert Hair Care

Whether you desire a complete colour change, subtle enhancements, or a trendy new style, our skilled colourists are here to bring your vision to life. Using only the highest quality products, we ensure vibrant, long-lasting results that leave your hair looking and feeling its best. 


FRDK Hair Salon uses only the best quality hair colors from world renowned makers Redken NewYork 5th Avenue.

Best known is the iconic Shades EQ demipermanent, (yes, has longer duration than a semipermanent color) color, color that thinks it’s a hair treatment. Thanks to the Redken patented protein technology. Based on hydrolyzed wheat, this amino acid fuses into the micro perforations on you hairs cuticle, leaving your shiny, strong and healthy with no damage. The PH of this product is 6,7, almost like water.

For coloring your Roots we have a new technology called Color Gel Oils. This product is based on Apricot Seed Oil, that delivers naturally A, B17, C, E vitamins, mineral complex and antioxidants that are delivered to the hair in the coloring process.

Bond builders are very important in modern hair coloring. These bonds that keep the inner strength in you hair are lost daily to: hair coloring, bleach, sun and heat tools on your hair. These bonds building technologies can repair up to 70% of the damage caused. For this we use Olaplex but even better is K18. Redken uses bond building technologies in their 3 newly renovated hair care lines “ABC” Acid Bonding Concentrate, “ACG” Acid Color Gloss and Acid Bonding Curls that are all based on Redken patented technology based on AHA acid that ultimately rebuild broken blondes and are all the best option for colored hair.

Please ask for a consultation to find the best route to great hair.