Bridal Hair



You have ONE chance to make this right and preparation is  everything.

We take a deep honor in helping you create the hairstyle for your special day.  


Your wedding dress is spectacular, your shoes are to die for, but what about your HAIR?







We will guide you through many things to consider for your bridal hair. Your face, your best features, your style, the weather, the lighting, rest assured it will all fall into place. We have been doing this for many years, and we know that everybodies style is personal.


Communication is the most  important part. We want to be you, be in your shoes and feel that energy.  This day will be unforgettable.  


Hair for your wedding is essential. You are the BRIDE! Your wedding has many aspects but the BRIDE is the center of the universe in this moment and the BRIDAL HAIR has to be great. Bridal hair is what frames your face and crowns your head.

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You have a dream, a vision, of how you want to look, and the bridal hair is what will make it all come together. Your bridal hair will tell people around you who you are and what you´re like. There are many ways of doing your bridal hair, it can be fancy or sporty, classic or edgy, the sky is the limit.


Many brides forget that wedding pictures are forever, so we typically recommend your bridal hair not to be too modern in style. We may suggest a timeless look so 10 years from now when you see you wedding pictures you´ll feel like it was yesterday.


6821_155502775070_710975070_4101980_2749529_nIt is best not to wait for the big day to get the bridal hair right. Therefore we also recommend you have a trial before the wedding. Even if it is only the day before. This way there will be no unwelcome surprises for both you or us!