Hair Highlights


blond moda calida frederick cleverlyIf you need your Highlights maintained, we are highly trained for that purpose.




Highlights are a wonderful way of giving more depth and texture to your hair.




The best way to make fine hair look fuller is to weave some highlights and maybe also some lowlights too.


If your hair has been highlighted, it, perhaps, has lost it ́s beauty during the summer and turned into just bleached hair.



We have the solution, Redken makes a lovely product called Shades EQ which is a non-aggressive, protein based color that will tint and sex up your hair to beautiful again.


Combined with new highlights in your roots and maybe a few subtle lowlights to give texture to you hair again.


187-REDKEN-MODACALIDA2014-CANARIAS-Fotos-nachourbonHighlights to cover gray? Yes! Highlights are the best way to mix out those white and grays, Highlights will make you hair come alive, it does not have to look “done”, highlights can look very natural.







 To take care of your lovely highlighted tresses, we have the perfect products from Redken. It all starts with a great shampoo Blond Idol is a sulphate free intelligent shampoo, it will deliver great moisture to your highlights and not leave your roots greasy.

redken_blonde_idol_bbb_spray_lightweight_muti_benefit_conditionerA lovely leave-in conditioner will take care of your daily needs but if you need that little extra this new color correcting conditioner will mix to exact amount of correcting color and conditioner for your needs in that moment.















Redken ProductsNever go without the serum, warm up a small amount between the palms of your hands and apply to your hair from the height of your ears and down to the tips. This will seal all that color and goodness in and unleash shine! We recommend  Argan 6 moroccan ail for this.





REDKEN Blonde idol



The color and wear and tear of following you through your busy life, take its toll on you hair. Replenish moisture with this deep treatment for highlighted hair once a week.




If you are looking to change your highlights for a different look, stay tuned for our coming blog on Ombre and Color Designs.